Department Mission Statements

Audit and Control: Ensure that county funds are expended in compliance with all prescribed laws, rules and regulations, and that the borrowing of funds is in compliance with applicable New York State and Federal laws.

Board of Elections: The Suffolk County Board of Elections administers, supervises, and conducts all primary and general elections in Suffolk County in conformance with all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws. Its activities and responsibilities ensure confidence in the election process.

Civil Service: The Department of Civil Service administers Civil Service Law for more than 240 jurisdictions within Suffolk County. The Division of Employee Benefits administers a benefit program to over 49,000 employees, retirees and dependants while the Public Information Office issues news bulletins to help keep County residents informed.

Consumer Affairs: The Department of Consumer Affairs was established to ensure equity in the marketplace and promote high standards of integrity in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of consumer goods and services in Suffolk County.

County Clerk: The County Clerk is responsible for the filing, recording, storage and retrieval of all public records as required by the State Constitution and Laws of the State of New York.

County Executive: The mission of the County Executive is to promote smart government by applying modern principles of management, consolidating and streamlining functions so that services are delivered more efficiently, providing the County's highly skilled workforce with the proper tools necessary to ensure that the public health and public safety of its citizens are protected, maintaining a reliable and efficient transportation system, expanding workforce housing for Suffolk residents, facilitating smart economic development to create jobs that can support families, preserving Suffolk County's environment, providing ample recreational facilities and opportunities for its citizens, providing a safety net of services for those who are less fortunate or who have fallen on hard times, and ensuring affordable rates of spending and taxation.

District Attorney: The primary mission of the District Attorney is the prosecution of all persons charged with committing criminal acts in Suffolk County.

Economic Development: The Department assists and promotes the development, growth and retention of a broad mix of industry clusters that facilitate job opportunities and private capital investment. It assists municipalities, not-for-profit organizations and the private sector to expand upon the production of workforce housing for County residents, encourages tourism and downtown revitalization, and acts as a conduit for federal funding to subsidize local programs that sustain a range of housing and other community needs.

Environment & Energy: The primary mission of the Department of Environment & Energy is to safeguard the natural resources of Suffolk County and to provide a centralized office for consideration of issues and activities from the perspective of their impact on the environment.

Finance and Taxation: The Department of Finance & Taxation retains custody over Suffolk County's cash and has property tax-related responsibilities in accordance with the Suffolk County Tax Act.

FRES: The Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services is responsible for the preservation of life and protection of property from fire, the sustaining of life in medical emergencies, and the protection of public safety during natural and man-made disasters.

Handicapped Services: The mission of the Office of Handicapped Services is to work for the benefit of all disabled residents of Suffolk County by assisting them in becoming more self-sufficient, advocating on their behalf, and providing specialized services not provided by other county departments.

Health Services: The mission of the Suffolk County Department of Health Services is to educate and work with the public in a cooperative manner to promote health and wellness in order to prevent disease, to protect the public's health, safety, and environment, both proactively and reactively by utilizing best practices, and to actively provide high quality, equitable, and affordable health services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate.

Human Rights Commission: To foster mutual respect and understanding among all groups in the community, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status or sexual orientation. To investigate complaints alleging unlawful discriminatory practices under Local, State and Federal anti-discrimination laws.

Information Technology: The mission of the Department of Information Technology is to manage and coordinate the County's use of existing and emerging technologies in governmental operations. The overall goal is to make government more efficient, effective and accessible, through the use of technology.

Labor: The Suffolk County Department of Labor assists the unemployed and underemployed attain long term employment by providing quality job training and employment services. The department strives to improve the work skills of those on temporary assistance, and help them become gainfully employed. The department supports the business community in the recruitment of qualified employees and serve as a source of economic and labor market data. The department provides mediation and arbitration services, and is committed to effectively administering and enforcing the Lawful Hiring and Living Wage laws. The department serves as a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site for eligible Suffolk County residents.

Law: The mission of the County Attorney is to provide efficient and ethical legal counsel for the County and every agency and office thereof; and to vigorously advocate for and defend the County, its employees, the County Legislature, and any officer performing the work of the County.

Legal Aid Society: The mission of the Legal Aid Society is to provide legal assistance to persons without financial means in Criminal and Family Court matters.

Legislature: The Suffolk County Legislature is responsible for setting county policy through the enactment of all local legislation and appropriations.

Minority Affairs: The mission of the Suffolk County Office of Minority Affairs is to address the needs of Hispanic, African-American, Asian-American, Muslim-American, and other groups residing in Suffolk County.

Office of the Aging: The mission of the Office for the Aging is to administer federal, state, and county programs for persons 60 years of age and older and to act as an advocate on behalf of Suffolk senior citizens.

Parks: The Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation is responsible for ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all visitors to Suffolk County parks, preserves, and historic sites. The department's mission also includes the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of historic properties and the proper stewardship of tens of thousands of acres of open space, making both available for public use and education.

Planning: The mission of the Planning Department is to provide County government with professional planning services to assist in the development of policies and programs that foster appropriate growth and development in a manner that ensures protection of natural resources and environments. The Department works cooperatively with the ten (10) towns and thirty-two (32) village governments in accomplishing this mission.

Police: The Suffolk County Police Department works to preserve the public peace, prevent crime, detect and arrest offenders, protect the rights of persons and property, and enforce all laws and ordinances applicable to the county.

Probation: The Probation Department has a dual mission of community protection as well as client assistance and rehabilitation. The department provides intake and screening services, investigations, court-ordered supervisory services, victim protection and juvenile respite and detention programs in Suffolk County. The department reduces crime by lowering recidivism among juvenile and adult offenders receiving probation services.

Public Administrator: The Public Administrator is charged with acting on behalf of deceased persons who have no legally recognized executor of their estate.

Public Works: The mission of the Department of Public Works is to satisfy the County's architectural, transportation, highway design, construction, sanitation, vector control, purchasing, and building and grounds maintenance needs. This is accomplished through twelve (12) major divisions.

Real Property: The Real Property Tax Service Agency's New York State mandate is to update and maintain the County's official tax map. The agency also provides information, training, and support services to various local assessing jurisdictions.

Sheriff: The Sheriff's Office is dedicated to providing the highest quality services in order to improve community safety, protect life and property, reduce crime, and maintain safe, secure and orderly correctional and detention facilities. Providing this service to the public shall be conducted in an efficient and effective manner.

Social Services: The mission of the Department of Social Services is to provide financial assistance and support services to eligible County residents in a cost-effective and efficient manner, simultaneously protecting the vulnerable while encouraging their independence and self-sufficiency.

Soil and Water: The mission of the Soil & Water Conservation District is to conserve the natural resources of Suffolk County through planning, design, and implementation of conservation practices that control and prevent soil erosion, sedimentation, flooding and non-point source pollution, assist in the irrigation and drainage of agricultural lands, preserve wildlife, and protect public lands.

Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium: The mission of the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium Board of Trustees is to operate the historic William K. Vanderbilt II Mansion, the Marine Museum, and Planetarium; and to preserve the buildings, collections, and estate property at Centerport for the use, education, and enjoyment of the public.

Veterans Services: The mission of the Veterans Service Agency is to inform Suffolk Veterans, their dependents, and survivors of services and benefits under the law to which they are entitled, and to assist them in receiving those services and benefits.

Women Services: The mission of Suffolk County Office of Women's Services is to identify the needs and concerns of the female population of Suffolk and to advocate and stimulate awareness on their behalf.

Youth Bureau: The Youth Bureau strives to both protect the rights of children in Suffolk County and to ensure their physical, social, and educational well being.

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