Open Access

Open Access was designed to provide county residents and visitors with a means to monitor governmental decision making and financial expenditures. The project for Government Transparency in Suffolk County was authorized in 2008 by the Suffolk County Legislature with the adoption of Resolution 964 .This website offers open access to information pertaining to County budgets, contracts, campaign contributions, member grant items, lobbyist efforts, local laws and other resolutions.

Where currently possible, much of the information is now accessible at one location instead of being spread among many locations. Where information does not exist in electronic format, it has been converted to PDF in order to provide the complete picture for you. Still, other information has only become available recently, and so, historical searches are not possible. The main objectives of the Open Access project are listed below:

  • To collect and standardize County information
  • Build and maintain a comprehensive and user-friendly website
  • Make information available from the following areas:
    • County Budgets
    • Campaign Finances
    • Community Support Initiative Grants
    • Legislation
    • Lobbying Activity
    • Executed County Contracts
    • Suffolk County Agency Mission Statements
    • Links to Suffolk County Elected Officials Websites
  • Promote disclosure
  • Offer additional transparency in the reporting of governmental decision making
  • Improve accountability to taxpayers

Thank you for helping us to serve you better. Keep checking back for site updates.

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